2012 American Studies Senior Thesis Schedule

March 27 – April 26, 2012

March 27

Hoopster-In-Chief: Barack Obama and the Political Messaging of Basketball – Chris Pigott

Hip Hop and White Consumerism – Tim Carey

March 29

Take Two: Hollywood’s Version of Female Athletes and the American Dream – Amy Mesner

The Politics of ‘Miracles’: National and Patriotism at the Olympic Games from 1980 to 2002 – Carline Holkeboer

In the Shadow of a President: The West Wing’s Representation of Changing Gender Politics – Grace Thompson

April 3

From Feminist Wear to Western Wear: The Changing role of Women through Fashion – Kate DeRosa

No Time Like the Past – Abigail Hollar, Nadia Mahmassani & Bridget Power

Tex-Mex Cuisine and its Democratizing Impact on American Culture and Identity – Young Choi

April 10

News Literacy, Consumer-Driven Media and the Future Landscape of American Journalism – Caroline Klibanoff

Forgotten Sisters: the Sisters of Mercy and their Impact on American Society – Caitlin DeLaunrentis

Anchoring America: What’s Funny About That? – Lisa Cavazuti

Post-Manifesto Assimilation Strategies in American Mormonism – Sam Harman

April 12

Dreaming Big, Living Bigger: Achievement Culture & The Socialization of Success In The Must-Have Generation – Lance Pauker

Made In America: African Americans and Islam, from the Nation to Today – Conor Finnegan

April 17

Illuminating the Dark Continent: African History in American Literary Imagination, 1845-1905 – Abby Davids

Chanel, Hermes, and Burberry – How the International Closet Traveled Overseas – Katie Eisenstein

I Pledge Allegiance to the Fat: Navigating Food Deserts and Fat Traps in Urban America – Becky Kiely

Occasions to Refer: The Library of Congress’s Contributions to a National Narrative – Julie Patterson

April 19

Sex, Drugs, and House: When the Rave Counterculture become Mainstream – Chip Altieri

A Harder Street to Find: Why Sesame Street is losing in the Ratings – Rob Dunn

The Youth of Parkside-Kenilworth Online: Creation and Use of a Virtual Community Space – Sammy Magnuson

Branding Georgetown in the Digital Age – Alexandra Tynion

April 24

Okay, Computer: Music in Postmodern America – Elizabeth Rowe

Behind the Cura Personalis: the Central Intelligence Agency and Security Studies Culture at Georgetown University – RJ Barthelmes

Solving the Problem of Girls in Science: Can the Lessons of the Past Help us Fix the Future – Laura Kelly

Did You Speak to Me?: Picture Books as Arts Integration in Public Schools – Caroline Garity

Building Community in the Capital City: The Role of Faith Organizations in Fostering Community and Advancing Social Causes – Marisa Edmonds

EDM and New American Music Industry – Andrew Boggs

Losing versus Lost Chance: Cognitive Biases in Understanding Foreign Issues – William O’Connor

Memory and Nationalism – Yolanda Rother