American Studies draws faculty from around the University. Courses in the American Studies core curriculum are taught by professors from many different disciplines. Cross-listed American Studies courses are offered in numerous departments across the University. Below is a listing of our core American Studies faculty. 

Brian Hochman, Director of American Studies, Associate Professor of English

Erika Seamon, Associate Teaching Professor, American Studies

Colva Weissenstein, Program Manager, American Studies

Core and Affiliated Faculty

Mike Amezcua, Assistant Professor, Department of History

Randy Bass, Vice Provost for Education, Professor, English

Caetlin Benson-Allott, Associate Professor, English

Anna Celenza, Thomas E. Caestecher Professor of Music

Marcia Chatelain, Associate Professor, History,

Kelly Cole, Adjunct Professor, English

Bernie Cook, Associate Dean, Director of Film and Media Studies

Ben Harbert, Associate Professor, Music

Tad Howard, Associate Dean and American Studies

Ronald Johnson, Professor Emeritus

Skip Lane, Adjunct Professor, American Studies

Sherry Linkon, Professor of English, and Faculty Director of Writing Curriculum Initiatives

Mireya Loza, Associate Professor of History and American Studies

William McDonald, Professor, Sociology

Lori Merish, Associate Professor, English

Ricardo Ortiz, Associate Professor and Director, Graduate Studies, English

Diana Owen, Associate Professor, Communication, Culture, and Technology

Seth Perlow, Associate Teaching Professor, English and American Studies

Adam Rothman, Professor, History

Jim Schaefer, Adjunct Professor, American Studies

Lisa Strong, Director of Art and Museum Studies and Associate Professor of the Practice

Matthew Tinkcom, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Associate Professor, Communication, Culture and Technology

Joy Young, Adjunct Professor Department of English, Writing Program