2013 American Studies Senior Thesis Schedule

March 20 – April 17, 2013

March 20

“A Cultural Touchstone”: The Development of Chinatown and Chinese American Organizations in Washington, DC – Alexandra Smith

Untitled Reality Television Thesis: A Documentary – Joe Mancino

March 25

Using Logos to Brand Presidential Candidates – Alyse Brehm

Media Revolution: A Study of Best Practices in Media Literacy Education in Washington, DC – Jack Devlin

Crashing The Party: How the Fox News Network Contribute to the Growth and Success of the Tea Party Movement – Hillary Neger

March 27

Polygamy, Periodicals and Polls: Suffrage and Feminism in a Changing Mormon Society, 1872-1896 – Kara Thomas

Becoming the Blue & Gray: Georgetown Students and the Civil War – Adam Rosenfeld

Moving Towards A Common Ground: Exploring the Potential for Compromise between The Occupy Movement and Wall Street – Daniel Stewart

April 3

Fire in the City: The Story of Newark, the Riots and the Mayor’s Office – Hannah Duus

Hands-On Digital – Keaton Bedell

A Prismatic Look at the White Wedding: A Study of the Lesbian White Wedding and its Place in Marriage History – TalorMarie Rudolph

April 8

Ample Security for Both: Protecting American and her Rights – Sydney Schauer

Rock and Roll Ritual: The Rolling Stone Interviews as Cultural Record – Maureen McCarthy

Creating Dangerously: The Value of Cross-Cultural Education for America’s Youth – Sarah Vazquez

April 10

Impact of Media Coverage of Michelle Rhee on DC Public Schools’ Education Reform – Zach Zappone

Playtime and Pre-Literacy: A Comparative Study of Early Childhood Education Programs in Urban Washington – Abby Hoffman

John Carroll and the Origins of Catholicism in British North America – David Schuler

April 15

Eat Dirt: Understanding the Local Food Movement through Farmer Stories – Grace Wallack

Sexuality in the Church: An Examination of Dignity/Washington as a Vehicle for Reform in the Catholic Church in America – John Roach

Battle on Holy Ground: The AIDS Crisis in NYC – Megan Tenet

April 17

Luke Warm Keyes: A Case Study of the Administrational Shift from Hot War to Cold War – Tim Broughton

A Changing River: Judicial Development of Water Rights along the Connecticut River 1799-1906 – Melissa Rybacki

Gentleman’s Agreement: Discriminatory Practices Against Jews in New York’s Upper East Side Cooperatives, 1950-1980 – Elizabeth DeRosa