American Studies 50th Celebration Memories

This is the space for the photographs and assorted materials produced and gathered during the American Studies 50th Anniversary Celebration, held at Georgetown University from November 1 – 3, 2019.

Terrance Gravens C’73, Colleen Gravens C’14, and Richard Lyon C’73
at the Alumni House on Friday, 11/1

Kevin O’Keeffe C’86, Dean Hugh Cloke, Julie Manning Magid C’88, Judith Nash McCarthy C’88 and Mr. Magid at the Alumni House on Friday, 11/1

Gwendolyn Lockman C’16, Anna Frenzilli C’16, Professor Erika Seamon, and Maddie Auerbach C’17 at the Alumni House on Friday, 11/1

Dean Tad Howard and Professor Brian Hochman, American Studies Director at the Alumni House on Friday, 11/1

A full house in Copley Formal Lounge on Saturday morning, 11/2

George Keating C’71, Syl Sobel C’77, Frank McDonough C’72, Lizzy Whitehorn C’01, Professor Erika Seamon and Professor Brian Hochman at the Looking Backwards, Looking Forwards panel on 11/2

Professor Dorothy Brown reconnecting with Steve Leisz, (AMST, CAS C’86) in White Gravenor, on 11/2

Lucy Doyle C’22, Mikayla Swanson, C’22, Ariana Roman C’20, Grace Chung C’20, Lauren Sinnock C’20, and Casey Doherty C’20

Allysa Lisbon C’19 and Dean Bernie Cook at the 272 panel on Saturday, 11/2

Professor Bill McDonald at breakfast in Copley Formal Lounge on Saturday, 11/2

Happy Birthday American Studies! (Photo by Allysa Lisbon C’19)

Professor Randy Bass and Tim Neary C’93 (Photo by Allysa Lisbon C’19)

Dean Hugh Cloke in Healey Family Student Center on Saturday 11/2
(Photo by Allysa Lisbon C’19)

Amy Galibois C’96, Karen Woods Weierman C’93, Gina Dyson C’96
(Photo by Allysa Lisbon C’19)

Laura Higbee, Dani Bembry, Mary Bacon, Julia Butz, and Jennifer Bisgaier – class of 2015

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