Dean Tad Howard

Tad HowardAssociate Dean, American Studies

When I was a graduate student in English my focus shifted from literature and literary theory to how literature and literary theory are treated, organized, and fretted over in higher education. What is the responsibility of the university to preserve or promote certain values through literature? And has that role shifted recently, as is often claimed in cultural and political debates about higher ed? What is the history of these priorities and practices in colleges? 

As an Associate Dean in the Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences, my primary role is to advise students. I oversee segments of the curriculum as well, and work with faculty and colleagues to carry out the educational mission of the College. I bring this perspective to my teaching as well, as my courses have leaned heavily on how students experience Georgetown. 

I am currently Faculty-in-Residence in Kennedy Hall, Southwest Quad, where I am in constant contact with students, often over dinner. I am married to Susan Howard, and we answer to our 4-year old son, Grady, who answers to our brand new son, Hugh.