Process for Declaring American Studies Major

In order to declare the American Studies major you will need to complete two forms, an American Studies “Planning Document for Majors” and an “Academic Program Change” form for the Dean’s Office. Follow the instructions below to complete the process. If you have questions about this process, please contact Colva Weissenstein, the AMST Program Manager at 

1. Fill out the American Studies Planning Document for Majors form. You can find it in either of these locations: 


– The AMST 203 (Core I) or AMST 204 (Core II) Canvas site 

Before you complete the form, meet with your AMST Faculty Advisor, the core AMST faculty member to whom you’ve been assigned, who can help you think about how to tailor the program to fit your interests and goals. You will be assigned an advisor during the Fall semester of your sophomore year, but if you’re not sure who your advisor is, please ask. If your advisor is not available for any reason, please contact Professor Brian Hochman, Director of the American Studies Program 

2. Have your Faculty Advisor sign the hard copy of your Planning Document for Majors. 

3. Pick up the pink Academic Program Change form from the Dean’s Office in White Gravenor 108 or ICC 303. Fill it out, but note these details: 

– Concentration is “N/A” for not applicable 

– List Prof. Brian Hochman (Director) as your advisor. Regardless of who your AMST Faculty Advisor is, on this particular form we need to you to list Prof. Hochman. 

4. Deliver the hard copy of your signed Planning Document for Majors AND your Academic Program Change form to Professor Hochman. You may bring these forms to his office in New North 324 or leave them in his box in the English Department office, 308 New North. He will sign the form and let you know when it’s ready for you to pick up. 

NOTE: Allow at least two weeks to submit your paperwork and get a signature. 

5. Once you’ve picked up the forms from Prof. Hochman, deliver your signed pink Academic Program Change form to the Dean’s Office. Hold onto your Planning Document for Majors for your reference. 


  • If you plan to study abroad during your junior year, you must have declared the major before you can make those arrangements, so get this process done early. 
  • Once you have declared the major, you may get priority for seats in AMST prefix courses and other courses that fulfill core requirements. Be sure to complete this process before registration in early April. 

Each semester prior to registration, update your Planning Document for Majors, based on your evolving interests and courses you’ve taken. Use this form to meet with your AMST Faculty Adviser to have discussions about your curriculum and course selection.