Process for Declaring American Studies Major

In order to declare the American Studies major you will need to complete two forms, an American Studies Planning Document for Majors (a PDF, submitted digitally) and an Academic Program Changes form for the Dean’s Office (a Google Form, submitted digitally).

Follow the instructions below to complete the process.

If you have questions about this process, please contact Colva Weissenstein, the AMST Program Manager at

  1. Identify who your AMST Faculty Adviser is, if you don’t know – ask!
  2. Complete the Planning Document for Majors. It is linked on this page and you can find it on the AMST 203 or AMST 204 Canvas site.
  3. Send your Planning Document for Majors to your AMST Faculty Adviser and schedule time to meet to discuss your planning, goals, and interest in American Studies. Ask your AMST Faculty Adviser to approve your Planning Document via email.
  4. Send your AMST Faculty Adviser’s approval and your complete Planning Document to Professor Hochman, Director of American Studies, via email.
  5. Professor Hochman will review your forms and send you approval to declare American Studies. This approval will be provided via email and is required for you to declare American Studies as your major.
  6. Complete the Academic Program Changes form using Professor Hochman’s approval email as documentation of approval required by the Academic Program Changes form.
  7. Each semester, during registration season, revisit your Planning Document for Majors and bring it to meetings with your AMST Faculty Adviser, deans, and other faculty members when you are having discussions about your courses and scholarly interests.

Please note: If you plan to study abroad during your junior year, you need to have declared your major in order for your Study Abroad Proposal to be approved. If you have questions regarding American Studies and Study Abroad, please email Colva, Program Manager.