Professor Sherry Linkon

Sherry Linkon, Director of American Studies, Professor of English, and Faculty Director of Writing Curriculum Initiatives

Sherry Linkon is a Professor of English and Director of Georgetown’s Writing Program. She earned her PhD in American Studies, and her research and teaching have long emphasized interdisciplinary approaches to the study of culture, often rooted in literary, artistic, and media representations.  She was one of the founders of Working-Class Studies, and much of her research has focused on deindustrialization.  With John Russo, she wrote Steeltown USA: Work and Memory in Youngstown, a study of representations of work and place in a northeastern Ohio steel city, and she is finishing a new book on contemporary literature that reflects the long-term cultural effects of economic restructuring.  Along with her academic work, she writes for public audiences.  She edits a weekly blog, Working-Class Perspectives, and she has also been writing about the 2016 election and working-class culture for Moyers & Company.